Space Beast Terror Fright (Nornware AB)


I had an internship as an artist at Nornware AB in Gothenburg, Sweden for about 5 months. After my internship was completed I was hired. I then worked at Nornware for about an additional 5 months. My main responsibilities were modelling, texturing, rigging and animation.


An insanely hard, arcade-style, rogue-like, perma-death FPS.

My contributions:

These are examples of some of the work I did.

  • Created concepts, prototypes & moodboards for characters, weapons, props etc.
  • Produced a level-style. (Featured in the trailer!)
  • Props.
  • Main character.
  • Two weapons. A rifle and a shot-gun.
  • NPCs (non-playable characters).
  • Monsters.
  • The HUD (Heads-Up Display).
  • Effects. Muzzle Flares, various shooting effects, gibs.
  • Publishing art (picture at the top) for the publishing (on Steam Early Access) of S.B.T.F on the internet-based
    digital distribution platform Steam.

Here are some sweet GIFs of the game. These show a marine braving the claustrophobic corridors of the level style that I worked on:


Please make sure to visit the Steam Store page of Space Beast Terror Fright.

UfoPilot: Astro-Creeps Elite (Nornware AB)


While working on S.B.T.F I also  got to work on the publishing art (picture above) of an other game called UfoPilot: Astro-Creeps Elite. Nornware AB released Astro-Creeps on Steam.

Please make sure to visit the Steam Store page of UfoPilot: Astro-Creeps Elites.