FPS: Lockdown

Real Time Strategy. School Project. 10 weeks – half speed.

6 Technical Artists, 7 Artists, 5 Programmers, 5 Level designers.

My contributions:

  • Particle effects for when the player shoots enemies. I worked on the games blood effects in collaboration with an other Technical Artist, Nina Olsson. There’s three different particle effects for blood which are picked one at a time at random via LUA when an enemy is hit by a bullet making the effect look more organic and varied.
  • I also made a special effect for when enemies are hit in the head (headshots, yeah!). The clip below shows examples of all the blood effects.

  • Particle effects for glass shatter when shot by the player. These effects also had a refraction shader.
  • Also worked on and iterated on various other particle effects for the environment.
  • Iterating on a tool that replaced objects with other objects and assigned proper positions.
  • A tool which looked for duplicated objects that was still on the exact same place. In that case one of the duplicated object(s) is deleted.
  • I also produced several props for our levels.