Color by Density Tool

This is a tool that checks tris density of polygon objects that is currently in your scene in Maya. It also colors the objects depending on the density in order to make it easier for the user to see if an object has too many or too few tris. To add on that and to make it even easier for the user to see the tris count you can choose to have annotation with tris count over every object in the scene.



In the window that pops up there are buttons which you
can use to add the color and annotations to objects in the scene.

As you can see there is also functionality to both toggle color
and annotations on/off. If you so wish, you can also remove them completely.



Color By Dens

Here you can see several colored objects. The object which has the highest density is colored red while the one with the lowest is colored green. Objects with density that ranges between the two are assigned a color depending on how close they are to the highest or lowest tris density with the one object that is in the middle is colored yellow.