Top down shoot em up: Aztecha

Specifications: Top down shoot em up. School Project. 8 weeks, full-speed.

Team: 6 Technical Artists, 7 Artists, 5 Programmers, 5 Level designers.

My contributions:

  • Particle on-hit effects for all three common enemy types. I utilized Maya Fluids to make these effects. We needed to convey, in the on-hit effects, that the magic inside of the enemies is exploding out. Using Maya Fluids I could easily create a cool & “smokey” effect and export it from Maya as a sprite sheet.
  • I also used this approach when I made the on-hit particle effect for the “energyballs” which the player needs to shoot in order to advance through a level.
  • Particle effect for when the “dog-type” enemy attacks the player by spewing out acid.
  • I also worked on on-hit effects for when the player shoots various other surfaces; cacti, ruin- and stonewalls in the environment.